Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia is a modern zoo with a back-to-nature theme where animals are allowed to roam freely, much as they do in the wild. It is also a conservation complex with particular emphasis on ensuring the survival of indigenous Indonesian wild life. It adjoins the Pangrango Park where leopards, black panthers, Javanese gibbons and deer still live in the rainforest.

After entering the fronts gates, visitors travel about eight kilometers-in either their own vehicle or TSI buses-along winding roads past animals from all over the world. Many come right up to the cars hoping for a free carrot or banana, but because the Asian elephants developed a bad habit of resting their tree-ton bodies against cars, they now have a moat between them and the roadway

Many species native to Indonesia are represented, including two animals that can normally only be found on the island of Sulawesi. They are anoas, a form of dwarf water buffalo, and babi rusa, believed to have evolved from wild pigs 30 million years ago. Javanese and Timorese deer wonder at large alongside peacock and the beautiful cassowary birds from Papua. Black shaggy-coasted binturongs hang from trees in their own enclosure and sleepy-looking. Sun bear bask in the warmth.

1. What animals from Sulawesi are found in Taman Safari Indonesia?

a. Anoas and deers.

b. Peacocks and cassowary birds.

c. Anoas and babirusas.

d. Javanese gibbons and babirusa.

e. Leopard and peacock.

2. What does the text above describe?

a. Taman Safari Indonesia.

b. The characteristics of Taman Safari Indonesia.

c. The location and some species of animals found in Taman Safari Indonesia.

d. The view of Taman Safari Indonesia.

e. Some tourists who come to Taman Safari Indonesia.

3. What is the writer’s aim as stated in the third paragraph?

a. To describe some interesting things in Taman Safri Indonesia.

b. To describe some animals found in Taman Safari Indonesia.

c. To explain the location of Taman Safari Indonesia.

d. To describe the Pangrango Park.

e. To give information about some animals in Indonesia.

4. “…much as they do in the wild”, the word “they “in line 2 refers to…..

a. Taman Safari Indonesia.

b. Anoas, buffalo, peacock

c. Animals in the zoo.

d. Javanese gibbons and deers

e. Peacocks and bairusa

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